Hello, I'm Ian. I teach statistics and traffic psychology at the University of Bath and do research on road safety, travel choices and environmental behaviours like energy and water use.

I also do stuff outside work too, perhaps most interestingly ultra-endurance racing. I've run UTMB, come top 10 in the Arc of Attrition and am one of a fairly small group to have run the Cotswold Way Century in under 24 hours. In 2018 I am taking part in the North Cape 4000 race - a 4200 km bicycle race from Italy to the top of Norway. Previously, in 2017, I completed the Transcontinental Cycle Race (4000 km non-stop across Europe). Here's a short interview they did with me at Checkpoint 3 in Slovakia. I'm not at my best because I'd just climbed a mountain after two hours' sleep in a bus shelter:

My Strava profile is here if you are curious.

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If you want to know more, I'm regularly on Twitter, and that's a good place to see what I'm up to (timesaver: I'm usually moaning about train journeys). You can also get in touch.