Hello, I'm Ian. I teach statistics and traffic psychology at the University of Bath and do research on road safety, travel choices and environmental behaviours like energy and water use. My research focuses particularly on unconscious and low-awareness causes of everyday behaviour like habits, the environment around us and unconscious stereotypes.

I also do stuff outside work too, perhaps most interestingly ultra-endurance racing. You can read a two-part magazine article about this here and here. I've run UTMB, come top 10 in the Arc of Attrition and am one of a pretty small group of people to have run the Cotswold Way Century in under 24 hours.

In 2018 I took first place in the North Cape 4000 - a non-stop 4300 km bicycle race from Italy to the top of Norway. Earlier in 2018 I finished first in the TransWales bicycle ride and, in 2017, I completed the Transcontinental Cycle Race. Here's a short video the North Cape 4000 race made of my winning finish:

My Strava profile is here if you are curious.

Hey, but it's not all fun. I also wrote these books on research methods and statistics, which you should TOTALLY BUY RIGHT NOW


If you want to know more, I'm regularly on Twitter, and that's a good place to see what I'm up to (timesaver: I'm usually moaning about train journeys). You can also get in touch.